Concrete Washing & Sealing in Buffalo, NY

Keep your concrete surfaces preserved, protected & strong by working with Cams Cleaning Service in Buffalo, NY. Concrete Sealing regularly will protect against salt, oil stains, leaf stains, tire marks, yellowing, fading, chemicals, mud, mold & damage from the elements & other contaminants. Take advantage of our Concrete Staining & Antique for decorative concrete that can use a rejuvenation!
Concrete Washing & Sealing: Restoring and Protecting Your Surfaces

Concrete Washing

(Pressure Washing is included in the sealing price)

Our pressure washing & concrete sealing provides customers with top-notch sealing services at competitive prices all over WNY! Helping you protect the integrity & look of your concrete for less! Specialist in Exposed Aggregate & Stamped as well as Regular Broom Finished Concrete! There are various types of sealers that we offer for different situations. From penetrating to solvent acrylic base sealers. Let us help you choose the best sealant for your concrete surface! The right sealant will make maintenance of the surface easy.

If you have a concrete that is showing wear and tear, we will restore it to its original beauty. It can be as simple as scheduling a free estimate & scheduling a professional cleaning with our eco-friendly washing system & followed with a fresh application of concrete sealer.

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Before Concrete Sealing & Washing After Concrete Sealing & Washing
Before Residential Concrete Pressure Washing After Residential Concrete Pressure Washing
Before Concrete Sealing & Pressure Washing Service After Concrete Sealing & Pressure Washing Service

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